Monday, October 17, 2011

Grocery Lists

So here's something about myself that I find a bit...odd. I always have these grocery lists floating around all over the place. They reside in my purse and in my jacket pockets. I use them for bookmarks when I find them on my nightstand. Im sure Im not the only one who has these little time capsules of the menu dujour. As I age, Ive noticed that Ive adopted some strange...eccentricities. Among them is the practice of NOT disposing of my grocery lists. For some reason, I feel like my grocery list is a super personal glimpse into my soul! Heaven forbid I should drop a grocery list in the parking lot at the market. STRANGERS could see what Im making for dinner!! I hang onto them and only throw them away at my home. Its my turn this month to host the movie viewing/dinner/get together thingy, so in honor of Halloween, I chose the movie 'Twilight'. Here's my grocery list that accompanies getting ready for Twilight dinner theater. Muwahahaha!

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