Monday, September 12, 2011

Currently dreaming of..

Savannah, Georgia. Although Ive never been, I fantasize about this place almost constantly. Sometimes I look at real estate there and think about what it would be like to completely uproot my life and just go....

The Olympic Peninsula is a place that truly holds my heart. I feel an actual NEED to go there. I made the decision that this year, I cant afford to make the trip and my heart aches and my eyes tear up! So sad!


  1. Aw! That's so weird you say that. I ALWAYS have sleep dreams that I live in New York and have never been there.. but I feel like that's where I'm going to end up. I have felt this way for years.. and last night I was wondering when I will go there. Around the same time you posted this! Crazy! I feel sad you can't go to the Peninsula. :(

  2. That is really weird!
    Im sad about the Peninsula too. My heart is breaking! Boo!!!