Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back up to Bellingham-wedding time! (August 24)

The day after Chris got back from working in Eugene, we drove back up to Bellingham so he could be in his friend, Justins, wedding. We met up with his friend, Brian, driving up I-5 and I suggested Chris ride the rest of the way with him so that they could catch up and go pick up their tuxes for the wedding.
Right before getting to Bellingham, the Volvo started making a TERRIBLE noise. Like really loud. I knew that we were dealing with an exhaust leak, so I thought the noise might have something to do with that. I pulled over and took a look under but didnt see anything hanging off from the bottom of the car, so drove it out to my house and tried to figure out what to do with it from there.
My parents met Dan, Meredith, Madison and me at the river for a little bbq while Chris was at the rehearsal dinner. It was really fun just hanging out with them :)

Stellz loves the river too!

Man, I sure do miss this place :(

In the morning, I headed over to Brandon's shop to see if he could do anything to fix the exhaust. Eventually, it was determined that the only way would be to either replace the whole thing ($1200.00) or get someone to weld it. In the meantime, there was the wedding to attend.

Classy. I was PUMPED to find that IPA though. 

They really got lucky with the weather. It had rained that morning, but cleared in time for the ceremony. We were pretty tired and ended up calling it an early night.
Sunday morning, Sarah, Chris and I met up with Dan and Meredith and my parents for breakfast at the Rusty Wagon, before taking the Volvo to Jesses shop in Sumas. Then, we waited.

The park in Sumas

And waited. He finished around 4:30 so the parents and Chris and I made a dinner stop at El Nopal before fueling up and hitting the road. Got a few pics of Seattle on our way through. We made a caffeine stop somewhere around Seatac and then Chris had to drive the rest of the way because I cant see well enough to drive in the dark anymore.

We finally made it home around 10. Finally.

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