Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend bits

We bought a new bed on Saturday. A memory foam one. In king size.
I cant wait for it to be delivered. Since its a new size to us, we also bought new bedding. Ikea. Sweet.

What else was happening...
Baby shower yesterday. That was fun. Tons of people were there. Meredith and Dan looked really happy. I liked it.

After the baby shower, we hung out at home. Plugged in the new Salt Crystal Lamp, turned on some Harry Potter, enjoyed a cocktail and started building the LEGO version of R2D2. Nerdgasm.

I feel like I need an attitude adjustment today. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed for sure. Got to work and one of the critical systems is down which seriously impacts workflow for all departments. Grrr!!!

Okay, so what is making me thankful today?
I am thankful that my mom (and dad) haven't smoked in over 2 weeks.
I am thankful that I have the best husband in the entire world. And that his family is pretty spectacular as well.
I am thankful that baby Madison is doing well and that Meredith is healthy.
I am thankful that I have a job that I like and that I work with really awesome people.
I am thankful that everyone I care about has everything they need and more.
I am thankful that I am SO LUCKY to be surrounded by such amazing people. Everyday.

Impromptu quick date at Bobby Lees
The usual weekend-morning bedroom photo session
Our new super fast coffee maker!!!

Animal Cuteness

Baby shower
Salt crystal lamp and a new PINE candle!! Best things EVER!
HP 2
Drinking and LEGOing
Stella's self punishment. Facing the corner. Hahaha!

And that about sums it up. This week I plan on sorting through wedding pics, cleaning house, returning to the gym and trying to NOT get Chris' cold. Chugging the lemon water! Im all over it.

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