Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One week til MUSE!!!!

I'm quite excited that the time has come and we're in the final week before the concert! YES! And excited to have 2 days off work! YAY!


Other things Im excited about...

My Christmas cactus has little buds on it!!! This thing is probably 80 years old. Seriously. My mom remembers it from when she was little.

Also getting very excited for Meredith to have the baaaaaby! Mostly because then maybe Murderface will lose interest and become MY cat again! Juuuuust kidddddding! Or am I? Muwahaha! Okay, Im excited to meet my new little niece :) I'm so curious to see what she looks like. Know what else I was curious about? Mucus plugs. The only thing I knew about them was that pregnant ladies have them, and then they fall out or something and then after that, a baby comes out. I thought it would be a good idea to google 'mucus plug' I squinted my eyes alot so that I couldn't really see the images clearly. Still, I could tell they don't look like an ear plug. Thats all Ill say. According to google, a person can have that thing come out and then have nothing else happen for weeks! Im going to ask Meredith tonight if she still has one. I didn't want to ask via text, Ill save that for in person.
My new shift at work starts Friday! Starting at 7 is going to be interesting. Its been many years since Ive worked the early shift. That also means that Im going to have to go to the gym with Chris. And since he likes to go every day, that means I have to go everyday since we will be driving together. Speaking of the gym, I went to go swimming this morning and there were STRANGERS in the pool area! I asked the girl at the front what was going on, she said they were fixing the hot tub, but that the pool was fine. I hightailed it to the ladies locker room and went in the sauna and hot tub in there. I didnt really feel like swimming today anyway so my unasked prayer was answered!!! Plus, I already feel like a weirdo swimming laps in a 2 piece bathing suit. I HAVE to get a different one! But where? None can be found! Especially one that will be comfy for a girl with a longish torso.


Hahaha! It looks like shes snarling!
Murderface was gnawing on the side of this box last night...for quite awhile. She must really love the taste of cardboard. Last weekend when we took my lifesized cardboard Edward Cullen to storage, I noticed that something had been chewing on his shoulder! Something with needle teeth! Damn it!

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