Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am awake. Working the early shift today. Entered the building and the alarm started going off! I don't have a code to disable it. Awesome. Anyway, got it taken care of, but, really? Come On! So annoyed. And wide awake now.

It was REALLY icy this morning. And foggy. Its been super foggy pretty much every day for the last week. Strange. I like it though. It was so sunny and clear yesterday but by the time I got off work, everything was softened by the fog.

The view was pretty much the same this morning while driving to work.

Aaaand, the daily. I really hate using the flash. I always look so....stoned. HAHA!

Stoked that Im off at 3:30 today. Having to be here at 7 is kind of rough, but I LOVE getting off early. Hopefully my hours will change soon and this will be the norm. And Ill be able to spend the drive to and from work with my favorite person....sigh...

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