Thursday, September 20, 2012


Just researching flight/hotel for an upcoming trip. Planning on seeing the Killers in December! So. Excited. Going with Natalie and Chris. Seems that we have to stay for a minimum of two nights. Just had a great idea presented...what about just not getting a hotel...and coming home the next morning. BRILLIANT!!!! Ive never been to Vegas and don't really care if I spend any time there or not. I'm just so unbelievably stoked to see my favorite band there because it's their hometown. LOVE IT!

New album came out on Tuesday.


I cant wait! OhMyGod they are so good! So good. Cant get over it. Id better get my tattoo before then.

In other news, Dan and Meredith have selected a name for the baby girl...Madison Renee. Niecy :)

Im off to compile a list of my future childrens names...thats not weird right? I have baby fever!

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