Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today was a good day.

Last night, I was introduced to the world of Minecraft. I have to say, I love watching it be played. Im not sure how I feel about playing it for now, Im content to be an observer. Today, went to yoga. The instructor was a sub and she was awkward. Chris went with me :) Dan hosted a bbq and invited Brit and Jessica, Nikasha, David and Baby Anthony as well as the parentals. It was a super deluxe visit. Currently listening to Death Cab and waiting expectantly :) Life is so good right now! I cant even describe how happy I am! I made my ferry reservations for 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, so Ill be off to the peninsula. Hopefully Michelle brought her camera!

Here are some pics of my sweet little baby great nephew! Great nephew....weird :)

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