Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ended up downtown last night for the weekly 'Downtown Sounds' concert. By the time I figured out the proper setting to have my camera on, I was tired of taking pics. So..lesson to self: fiddle with settings so I know which one to go to in a snap.

What I wore yesterday...

 Aaand! A little green frog that was on the window! Later, he was hiding in the planter and I washed him out when I was watering! Oops! I was going to try and catch him to put him back, but didn't want to scare him. Tired today. Can't wait to go home and spend some time with my furry little babies and go to bed early!!


  1. I am so ready for this day to be done!

  2. Haha im always chasing after frogs in the garden! I always try and be kind and try to scoop them up to put them back in the pond but i think they just have a panic attack at the massive glumping giant that is me running after them >_< hehe.

    That concert looks dreamy! I love outdoor musics <3 <3 xxxx

    1. Hahaha! Well, it makes us feel like we're trying to help them :)

      It was fun! The band was kind of 'folksy' they had a fiddle!